Your business counts on your entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills, but that does not mean you cannot get a little bit of help. Use feng shui to make your employees more productive, and support your effort in attracting clients and increasing profit. At Jacqueline Kennedy Designs we have the expertise to use this ancient Chinese art to design your office space for success. Here are some of our recommendations on how to use feng shui for your business.

The office furniture and art objects

Your office should look professional and send to your clients that energy of “I want to do business with them”. You can create that energy with the proper office desks, chairs, sofas, artworks and other accessories that will speak real business to your customers. Shapes and colors impact productivity, while different live plants can enhance good luck, but also personal and professional growth.

The command office desk

Place your executive desk where energy gathers and builds prosperity and success for you, while also gives you the widest possible view of the room. Keep the space in front of your desk clear, so that there will be no obstacles to your business growth and success.

Use visuals to keep your ambitious high

Raise your sights for your business with some visual support of signage and artwork with your business name or relevant life mottos. Never place your business name on carpets or floors, because this means others can walk on your good name. By contrary, hang or paint your brand name or inspiring quotes on the office walls.

Contact us for a feng shui assessment of your office, and let us fine-tune your space with the energy you need for success!