Don’t be a basic witch this Halloween! If you have any Halloween festivities, parties or simply just want to decorate your house for trick or treaters, contact us at Jacqueline Kennedy Designs. We decide together on the style you want for this Halloween, then we do the whole work, preparing and installing all the decorations. Why count on us?

We know what is in fashion

According to your wish and passion for the holiday, we can put up minimalist or extravagant decor. 

  • Halloween trees are again popular, adorned with spiders, pumpkins, witches, skeletons, cobwebs.
  • If you do not want to turn your house in a haunted one, we can prepare more classy designs, with black and white or modern painted pumpkins, or hang up black stylish bats, vintage wicked witches, or we can create traditional fall decor. 
  • We can decorate your porch or living room, but also your bedrooms, making them spooky ready for the holiday.

Save time for the real fun

Putting the Halloween spirit in your home does not have to be hard. Count on us and save your time, while enjoying the tradition. We know where to find the best ornaments, and we can come up with creative interior Halloween decors. 

Suggestions for DIY decorating activities

Halloween fun is also about Do-It-Yourself activities, such as creating costumes, carving pumpkins or making decorations. We do not want you to miss all that fun. We can give suggestions of what you can add to the set-up decorations, through some fun, easy and fast DIY activities. 

Get your scary mood, and contact us to decorate your home or office for this coming Halloween!