About Jacqueline Kennedy Interior Design

Jacqueline Kennedy Designs is a woman-owned, independent, full service commercial and contract design firm, servicing San Diego and Imperial counties. Jacqueline Kennedy Designs offers a unique partnering environment, allowing our customers to experience all services under one roof.

With a flexible staff always available, we offer a highly sophisticated set of project and procurement services, ranging from site analyses to major reconfigurations and construction renovations. We continue to invest heavily in technical and organizational resources to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality services in the marketplace.

We trace our successes back to 2000 when Jacqueline Kennedy the Principal now for Jacqueline Kennedy Designs, was on the leading edge with UNICOR FPI for all of the Civil and Federal Government Agencies in the South West Territory. One of her strengths has been her approach to projects, both large and small.

The ability to see possibilities and implications.  The aptitude for creative problem solving, ability to examine issues objectively.  Because Jacqueline is so logical and analytical this allows her to utilize both good reasoning and intelligence when it comes to making use of decision making skills.  Jacqueline is very decisive and has strong organizational skills.

The capacity to satisfy her customers year after year, and continuously lead with this philosophy.  Jacqueline is a senior professional experienced interior designer with over 15 years experience, coordinating internal teams in the management of complex service packages. Matching the project needs with the architect and specialty firms to collaborate and bring forth the design project, and customer satisfaction.

What sets us apart from other Interior Design firms is an extensive understanding of Government Contract furniture management as a highly technical profession requiring core skills and knowledge that only senior, career professionals can provide. We staff our organization with the most qualified personnel in the marketplace, all with years experience and training. We support them with the latest in technology and operational systems, and with a management team that leads and challenges, while always keeping our focus on customer service.

Government customers today want to be serviced-efficiently, responded to quickly and responsibly, and by a firm that provides leading edge contract furniture management capabilities. Jacqueline Kennedy Designs meets the needs of the Government customer, offering unique solutions to both simple and complex problems. We understand and work within the constraints of time and budget to balance the relationship of form, function and cost. Our journey is to incorporate and approach design in an environmental manner, to be sensitive to environmental issues and to go as green as possible.

Jacqueline is sensitive to the design standards for focusing and maintaining high standards and strong work ethic, to incorporate increasingly more environmental sustainable materials, and products into her projects.