Jacqueline Kennedy Interior Design Projects

“Creative thinking and uniqueness are traits found in all of our projects. Creativity extends beyond the visual elements of design to include project approach, use of time dealing with economic constraints and construction process.”

Jacqueline Kennedy Designs Press & Media

“I have worked with JKD for many years and have recognized her hardworking, reliable, friendly and meticulous manner. Jacqueline is trustworthy, discreet and has an upbeat, attitude and energetic demeanor with an incredible work ethic. She has proven to be flexible, conscientious and very capable. If you’re looking for a designer with a friendly attitude and a great work ethic, look no further than this designer!”

Jacqueline Kennedy has been featured periodically in local and national magazines over the last three decades. In that span, Jacqueline Kennedy has accumulated awards and honors in the design industry.

Ken I.

“Jacqueline came to our house right on time and gave us a two hour design consultation. She exceeded expectations, gave us a great plan for the entire house, where to hang artwork and photos, ideas for wall coverings, kitchen efficiency, even outdoor space organizing. Lots of practical as well as creative knowledge. Two thumbs up!”

Michelle R.

“We were really happy with her services. She transformed our office with her layout and design of all our frames, pictures, awards and more. Good eye for color and straightness. The best part she was fast and very reasonable. Would definitely recommend her to others.”

Why do we use Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, our life and destiny are closely interwoven with the workings of the universe and nature. We are influenced by our environment both consciously and subconsciously, as we continuously interact with it on many levels. The forces that link man and the universe and his surroundings are called Ch’i (translated as the human spirit, energy, or cosmic breath). There are many types of Ch’i: a kind that circulates in our bodies, in the earth, and the atmosphere.

Jacqueline Kennedy Designs Principles


Understanding needs!

Design can best be described as the process by which a client and designer collaborate through the exchange of goals, concepts and ideas…


Creative uniqueness!

Creativity extends beyond the visual elements of design to include project approach, use of time, dealing with the economic constraints and construction process…


Projects in phases!

Each project starts with a no-charge one hour consultation, either in person or over the phone. During this meeting we learn about the clients…