Interior Design Mix & Mingle Staging

We often stage a home using some of the existing furniture while adding any needed pieces of furniture and decorative accessories from our inventory to achieve the desired effect.

This staging can take 1-2 weeks  includes products and services to redesign and showcase the best features of the homes unique style. Plan, Execution, Installation, Shopping are part of this staging service.

The investment for this service depends on square footage, complexity of the redesign and needed furniture/accessories provided by Jacqueline Kennedy Designs.

In addition, we follow up with a written “priority report” that summarizes the top redesign priorities. With the priority report, you will have the necessary tool that will provide you with the key advantage to sell your home.

It can be anything from curbside, to rearranging of furniture, color or paint consultation, storage solution, vignette of personal treasures, effective accessorizing.  

Full Home Staging Action plan which include:

  • Full description of proposal of products and services required.
  • Photos of existing with notes of actions to be taken
  • Details of materials to be used
  • Suggested purchases to be made once we have had our preliminary meeting to discuss in detail
  • Cost analysis provided for client to make purchase

Project Management and time-table of contractors and co-coordinating their schedules if needed.

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