Jacqueline Kennedy Project Phases

Design–Problem Synthesis

Stating Goals and Objectives for Client.

  • Space Adjacencies and Code Requirements and or restrictions
  • Budget Demands for each area required as need basis
  • Scheduling limitations

Field Verification Phase:

Field verification will need to be conducted.

  • I will take photographs for review as project is developing. These will be available by email for all contractors and sub-contractors on the project.
  • Key element communication throughout all phases of design, and any special notations or concerns noted and resolved immediately

Schematic Phase:

I will email preliminary and final computer-generated (AutoCAD) space plans and specifications.

  • I notate the ADA, Title 24, UBC code requirements when deemed necessary for clarification of design.

Design Development Phase:

I will email AutoCAD drawings for approval throughout the design development phase

  • I will prepare schedules describing tenant requirements for improvements of premises.

Pre-Bid Phase:

I will be available through email after the initial pre-bid meeting with all subs to answer any related design questions for clarification of proposal submittal.

  • I have a vast knowledge with typical workstation layout and ballpark costs.