What art would match your walls? An artist might tell you to choose the art for your soul, and not for the walls. At Jacqueline Kenned Designs, we advise for both: choose the art for your soul, and also for your walls, furniture, and the house or office design style you opted for.

We are here to discover what art you like, and match it with your home or business offices. If you already own pictures, paintings or other art installations, we can arrange them to fit aesthetically your home or office. With the right art, displayed in the proper place, your living or working areas will get the personality and atmosphere you are looking for.

We live and breathe the art of hanging art:

  • We give advice on placement of art or multiple pictures, to create unique spaces;
  • We make strategies with our clients on the weight, size, and shape of the art pieces that would fit their home or business spaces, while also considering the material and texture of walls;
  • We offer an arrangement of multiple, different size pictures, like photos from the most important moments of your family, or maybe your business;
  • We create art hanging projects for entire rooms, developing them in harmony with the existing furniture or other interior decorations;
  • Following our customers’ needs, we create art statements, expressing your personality, life philosophy or the story behind the business brand.
  • We also safely hang heavy or large art, working with technicians experts in an art installation.